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Eight Hour Shower Offers Customers Superior
Installations That Stay Beautiful

We know Carmel, IN, homeowners have many choices when it comes to bathroom remodeling. The options of products and remodeling companies can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and energy-draining. Unfortunately, many bathroom contractors fail to live up to their expectations, installing inferior products and sub-par work.

At Eight Hour Shower, we’re changing how bathroom remodeling is done by offering our customers high-quality products at affordable prices. Our installations focus on the details, doing it right the first time to bring you long-lasting, gorgeous results. Besides incredible work, we only give you excellent customer service.

Our customers mean the world to us. Unlike our competitors, we never take your business for granted. So, how exactly are we different at Eight Hour Shower?

Our Products Stay Beautiful Through The Years

While some other bathroom remodeling companies sell cheap and flimsy products to keep costs down, this doesn’t fly for us. Inferior products are prone to chipping, cracking, or function failure, costing you more on replacements. Plus, cheaper products rarely come with solid warranties.

We only sell products we believe in and have proven to stand the test of time at Eight Hour Shower. After completing hundreds of hours of research, we found a product that we know will last and remain stunning for years. Our Onyx products are 400x thicker than standard acrylic, giving long-lasting results.

We don’t skimp on our installation materials, either. While some companies cut corners by using 50/50 silicone caulking, we only use 100% silicone caulking because we know this is the only kind that can withstand the harsh bathroom environment. Our 100% silicone caulking is moisture-resistant and mold-repellent, and it stays durable.

We Only Complete Expert Installations

A surprising number of contractors are fine doing a shoddy installation job – either they don’t have the proper skills for the project, use unreliable products, or rush through the job to move on to the next one.

We don’t work like that here at Eight Hour Shower. Though many of our installations can be done in as little as a day, it’s not because we’re rushing. Instead, we only hire knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate employees who always pay attention to the smallest details. Our remodeling team is so talented that they can finish in as little as a day.

Some people think our installation checklists are too long, but we think they’re just right. Our checklists ensure we don’t leave anything unattended and do your installation right the first time.

We Communicate Clearly

Clear communication is a main prerogative because we know how crucial it is to be heard and ensure everyone is on the same page. When both parties are in the know, projects run ten times smoother, and you get the results you expect, plus some.

We promise to keep you informed on any project changes and to keep you updated throughout. We’ll even contact you when there aren’t any updates to let you know we care. But communication is more than just keeping you informed – it’s about listening to your needs and concerns.

By practicing active listening, we ensure you get the bathroom you want and everything you need. Your cares are our concerns, and we make sure we address them all!

Our Prices Are Unbeatable

Some other remodeling companies say they offer unbeatable prices, but ours genuinely are unbeatable – we’ve made sure of it! We’ve seen how big-box stores sell their customers inferior products at top dollar, so we decided to do something about it.

First, we found the best quality products, and then we looked into our company, searching for ways to restructure and ensure our customers never pay for our mishandling. Other remodeling companies often give you low-interest financing but raise prices to compensate for their loss.

We run our financing department in a new way to ensure you’re never getting charged more to make up the difference in our misdeeds. Because of this new remodeling approach, we can offer prices 33% lower than our competitors!

Core Values Pave The Way

Everything we do comes down to our core values, from ethical business practices to customer relations. Instead of floundering around, we focus on our core values to ensure we stay grounded, connected, and kind to our customers on every project we do.

We already discussed how important communication is to us, but so are integrity, respect, accountability, and compassion. Integrity infuses our entire business and our practices while we always work to show our customers respect and compassion.

Accountability ensures we take responsibility for any mistakes or overlooked errors and work to fix them quickly and efficiently.

Our Carmel, IN, Bathtub Remodeling Company Does
It Right The First Time

From our full bathroom remodels to shower door installations, we extend the same level of care and attention to all our Carmel, IN, projects. At Eight Hour Shower, we’ve devoted ourselves to flipping the switch on the remodeling industry by doing everything opposite from how we came into it.

Our one-day installations, durable products, detailed work, and customer service might look different to you, but that’s because we’re doing it how it should be done. Plus, we offer no-worry financing, making your dream project a reality, and we never use sleazy or underhanded sales techniques.

Contact us today or call us at (317) 973–7770 for a free bathroom remodeling consultation!