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At Eight Hour Shower, we know many Chesterfield, MO, bathtub remodeling contracting companies’ poor reputations. We want to change this perception by working to ensure our customers get only the highest quality bathtub products, the most meticulous installation, and respectful customer service.

Getting a bathtub remodel is stressful enough – so we want to eliminate the added tension of finding a remodeling company that actually cares. Our customers have high standards, and so do we, pushing us to strive consistently for the best.

Learn how our company actively works to deliver excellent bathtub remodeling results.

Quality Matters And We Only Use The Best Products

Some other contractors try to get away with selling low-quality products in an effort to keep their costs down – this doesn’t work. Inferior products only lead to more issues, like cracks, breaks, stains, leaks, or worse.

When it comes to bathtubs, you need something substantially more robust and durable than those cheaper-made products. This is why we only sell premium products – Onyx bathtubs. Onyx products are proven to be 400x thicker than regular acrylic bathtubs.

Their superior strength ensures years of use and constant beauty in your bathroom. They’re easier to clean, and their unmatched reliability gives homeowners long-lasting peace of mind.

We’ve Made Our Superior Products Affordable

Superior products do not equate to unaffordability – it’s quite the opposite at Eight Hour Shower. By running our business using innovative and efficient techniques, we can pass our savings on to our customers.

Other bathroom remodeling companies try to make up for their poor financial business decisions by raising the prices of their products, so even if they claim to offer sales, they’re just putting the price back to where it should be.

It took some time and research, but we’ve found a way to offer our high-quality products at unbeatable prices, and we don’t use the term “unbeatable” lightly. We can offer our products at 33% lower than our competitors. 

After all, what’s the point in finding the best products if we can’t share them with our customers?

We Don’t Cut Any Corners

While some contractors may install quality materials, they make up for their costs using shoddy installation techniques. They often believe that if the customer can’t visibly see the difference, it doesn’t matter.

We respect our customers at Eight Hour Shower and never use their lack of professional knowledge against them. Throughout the process, we communicate the plan efficiently and effectively. We’ll walk you through every last detail and ensure every task is completed with 100% accuracy.

This attention to communication and detail is our promise to you – our customer. We want you to feel comfortable during your Chesterfield, MO, bathroom remodel.

Our Bathtubs Come With a Lifetime Warranty

Offering a lifetime warranty is off the table for many other bathroom remodeling companies because they know their products will likely fail sooner – but not us. We’re so sure of our Onyx bathtubs that we’re confident in offering a lifetime warranty on them!

We fully stand behind our products, craftsmanship, and process, and our assurance shows in our warranty. Plus, our warranty terms are not hard to understand – we make it really simple. Our warranties are easy to understand, using clear language.

Unlike those other bathtub “warranties,” we have nothing to hide. We don’t try to sneak in technical and wordy language to mislead our customers. When you’re as sure as we are about our products and work, there’s no need to confuse anyone.

Our Bathtub Installation Process Is Fast!

No one wants to be out of a bathroom for long, so many homeowners postpone their dream space. It’s one of the house’s most used rooms, so having one out of commission can undoubtedly put a dent in your daily schedule. We understand this at Eight Hour Shower, which is why we’ve figured out how to install bathtubs quickly and efficiently.

A quick installation does not have to mean a sacrifice in craftsmanship, either. Our expertly trained installers use their time efficiently, delivering professional results. Other installation companies drag out their process to charge their customers for their labor time.

These tactics are unethical, as we fully respect our customers’ time and money. One-day installations are not a gimmick for us – we take them seriously and do them with utmost care.

For Your Next Chesterfield, MO Bathtub Remodel
Use A Company That Cares

At Eight Hour Shower, we pride ourselves on our outstanding work ethic, using our core values to guide us in all of our Chesterfield, MO bathroom remodeling projects. Our strong foundation gives us the leverage to fully support our customers by offering superior products and installations.

We always stand by our 100% accurate quotes, never going back on our word. The best part is our commitment to customer satisfaction, as we are always transparent in our communications and treat our customers with the respect they deserve.

Contact us today or call us 317-973-7770 for a free bathtub remodeling consultation!