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Expert Full Bathroom Remodeling From The
Chesterfield, MO Professionals

It’s Ok To Dream Big With Our Full Bathroom Remodels

Many Chesterfield, MO homeowners are scared to ask for what they want regarding their full bathroom remodeling project. Either they’re unaware of the actual possibilities, or they can’t find a full bathroom remodeling company that can deliver.

At Eight Hour Shower because we know what it takes to deliver the bathroom of your dreams. From removing walls to rearranging floor plans, we do it all. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want with us because our goal is your total satisfaction.

Our complete bathroom remodels more than just replace old amenities – we give you a brand-new bathroom experience that you’ll love returning to every day.

Here’s how you’re guaranteed to get the best full bathroom remodeling results with our trusted company.  

Our Workmanship Is Next Level

Many other full-bathroom remodeling companies hire day laborers or subcontractors to complete their projects faster and cheaper. We never do that at Eight Hour Shower – our employees and installers work with us full-time.

Having full-time employees ensures our installers are expertly trained and dedicated to their craft. You won’t find anonymous laborers coming in and out of your home – our team is respectful, skilled, and efficient.  

We use a thorough checklist during every project to ensure no missed details to deliver on our promise. Our tried and true checklist method doesn’t let anything slip through the cracks, giving us and our customers added confidence in the final results.

Our Superior Products Are Back With A Lifetime Warranty

We only want the cream of the crop for our customers when it comes to bathroom products – and that’s why we sell Onyx bathtubs and showers. After hours and hours of research, we truly believe we found the best.

Onyx products are 400x thicker than other acrylic products, making them one of the most durable and long-lasting products on the market today. When you invest in a quality product, you’re saving money in the long run and protecting yourself from a lot of hassle.

We’re so confident in our Onyx problems that we can offer a lifetime warranty on them! Few bathroom remodeling companies can do that because they know their products will likely fail sooner.

We Show Up When We Say We Will

We know that contractors are known for being late and unreliable, but we’re changing this reputation. Our word is our word, and we always stick to it, from our 100% accurate quotes to our arrival times.

Your time is precious, and we fully respect it! At Eight Hour Shower, we don’t give you a six-hour window of arrival – we give you a one-hour window of time and show up when expected. We’ll never leave you hanging around or waiting for a phone call on installation day.

Our punctuality is just one of the ways we take professionalism seriously. We also always make the utmost effort to communicate clearly with our customers eliminating unneeded miscommunication. When you work with Eight Hour Shower, you’ll have a single point of contact to ask questions, source information, and stay up to date on the progress of your build. 

Our Prices Are Unbeatable

You might think our products must be unaffordable if they’re top-quality, but this is not true! Through intelligent and efficient business practices, we can offer our superior products at 33% less cost than our competitors.

How do we do this? Simple – we know how to run a business effectively. We’ve designed our business, so we don’t need to charge our customers exuberant amounts of money to make up for high overhead or costs.

Other bathroom remodeling companies are inexperienced in financing and, in effect, have to charge their customers more to make up for it.

We’re Proudly Guided By Our Core Values

Since we started, Eight Hour Showers has been guided by principles that set our projects up for success. Our core values keep us in line and direct all of our business dealings, from working with manufacturers to communicating with customers.

Many other bathroom remodeling companies flounder and fold without establishing foundational principles. That’s why we know our core values of integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect are integral to the success of our business.

Running Our Chesterfield, MO Full Bathroom Remodeling
Company Differently Shows In Our Excellent Results

Since 2006, Eight Hour Shower has been serving the people of Chesterfield, MO, delivering consistently brilliant full-bathroom remodeling results. Other companies may install just showers and bathtubs, but not us. 

Our full bathroom remodeling service runs the gambit – we do it all, installing everything from new flooring to vanities to toilets. Keeping the whole project under one roof gives our customers peace of mind.

Contact us today for your free full-bathroom remodeling consultation!