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Why Choose Our Chesterfield, MO, Company
For Your Next Shower Door

We Make Shower Door Installation Fast And Easy
With Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

Many Chesterfield, MO, homeowners think a full bathroom is the only way to freshen up their space – but a new shower door may be all you need. Full bathroom remodels are nice, but when they’re not in the cards or unnecessary, try a simple shower door replacement.

We make installation easy for replacement or new shower doors at Eight Hour Shower. Our process is smooth, quick, and leaves you with a stunning new product that revamps the look of your whole bathroom.

Why spend time and money on something you don’t need? The simple act of changing your shower door can give you a whole new and refreshing bathroom experience!

Why Should You Get A New Shower Door?

Some homeowners notice their bathrooms feeling stale or outdated after living in their homes for a while. However, they don’t want to break the bank – so what’s the solution? A new shower door! A new shower door brings a modern feel, functionality, and beauty with a simple change.

Shower curtains are out, and shower doors are in. Not only do our shower doors give your bathroom the refresh it needs, but they are low maintenance, giving your bathroom a clean and cool appearance. Little updates go a long way when it comes to bathrooms.

If you still have the same shower door that came with your house, chances are it’s a cheaply made product prone to easy breaking and mold collecting. Our shower doors give you lasting use and are easy to clean, helping to keep your bathroom mold-free.

Shower Doors Take Next To No Time To Install

You won’t need to be out of a bathroom for long when you choose our company to install your new shower door. If you thought our full bathroom remodels were fast, try our shower door installations. In a few hours, your bathroom will be back in working order and look like it just underwent a major revamp.

Plus, you won’t be sacrificing quality installation when you work with us. We may be fast, but we’re also thorough. Our installers spend extra time tending to the details because we know those things matter. We want our customers to have a timely installation, but we also want to ensure they’re left with a fantastic shower door that proves durable and reliable throughout the years.

Our Employees Are Like Family

We don’t use just anybody at Eight Hour Shower – our installers are full-time employees who are just as passionate about your bathroom as you are, and maybe more. Not only are they highly trained experts in their craft, but they love what they do.

This passion is quite evident once you see the care they put into each and every project, which is something that consistently benefits our customers on the back end. They take the extra time and concern to listen to your wants and needs, ensuring you get the shower door you want and imagine.

We Treat All Our Customers With Respect

Not only do we respect our employees, but we also respect all our customers, giving them the time and attention they deserve. We feel honored to be trusted by you to do your bathroom remodel and allowed into your home – we don’t take it for granted.

Listening to your cares and concerns is the least we can do to show our appreciation. In addition to proactive listening, we clearly communicate with you, keeping you up to speed during your project.

You’ll never be out of the loop with how we communicate. This is your bathroom, and you deserve to be fully informed along the way!

Our Airtight Warranties Give You Peace Of Mind

Many other bathroom remodeling companies cannot offer warranties to their customers because they know their products are prone to fail and their workmanship is shoddy. We feel incredibly confident at Eight Hour Shower, which is why we offer our customers an airtight warranty.

Plus, our warranty isn’t confusing or misleading in an attempt to throw off unsuspecting customers. We use clear, easy-to-understand language, making it simple to know exactly what you’re getting – we have nothing to hide. We fully believe in our products and labor, so we pass that assurance on to you.

Let A Trusted Bathroom Remodeling Company
Install Your Chesterfield, MO, Shower Door

We offer a new kind of bathroom remodeling for Chesterfield, MO, homes at Eight Hour Shower, and it involves customer care. Yes, we offer the highest quality products and professional installations, all at unbeatable prices that are 33% less than our competitors, but we also care greatly about our customer’s satisfaction.

Our core values of integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect continue to guide us in our business practices, ensuring our customers get a company they can count on. We stand by our word, and if there’s a problem, we fix it. No ifs, ands, or buts. We’ve got you covered!

Contact and call us at 317-973-7770 today for a free shower door consultation!