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Our Company Is Changing How Shower
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We Only Give Our Valued Customers The Best
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At Eight Hour Shower, we’ve watched through the years as shower remodeling companies have swindled their Chesterfield, MO customers out of thousands of dollars, delivering shoddy craftsmanship. Unlike our competitors, we’re devoted to giving our customers exactly what they deserve – premium products and stellar customer service.

We believe the key to maintaining a successful business lies in the commitment to core values and ensuring your shower remodeling experience is nothing less than extraordinary. You’re sure to find the best results from our top-quality products to our expert installation.

Using these five elements, our shower remodeling company is changing how the industry works.

1. Our Quality Products Are Tried And True

We spent dozens, if not hundreds, of hours researching and experimenting with shower products from all over, looking for durability, reliability, and beauty. After initially finding lackluster products, we finally hit the jackpot, discovering a product with everything – Onyx.

Onyx showers are 400% thicker than other acrylic showers, making them one of the most durable showers on the market. Not only are Onyx showers stronger, but they’re also easier to clean than other showers, making them more convenient for homeowners.

Hardworking people deserve to experience the finest quality in their shower remodel, and we ensure that happens. By starting our customers off with the best products, we only set them up for success in the rest of the remodeling project!

2. Our Premium Showers Are Also Affordable

Unlike some other bathroom remodeling contractors, we sell our premium showers at an affordable cost, believing everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy luxury. Plus, using the best products will save money down the line in replacement or repair fees.

Some other shower remodeling companies raise their prices up to 12% more than they need to to make up for financing charges. To pay fees, they claim to give their customers great financing deals but instead force them to pay the additional fees unknowingly.

Our financing service ensures our customers never pay convenience fees or hidden charges. Using an innovative financing app, we can give our customers the best products at the price they should be.

3. Our Showers Come In A Variety Of Color Options

You don’t need to sacrifice beauty for quality when installing Onyx shower products. Many high-end shower manufacturers can seem only to deliver one or the other, but not Onyx. This proven manufacturer has worked out the perfect formula for durability and style.

Bathrooms come in all different styles and colors, so why shouldn’t your shower? Onyx now offers 30 color choices for their shower products – 30! The sheer amount of color options makes redesigning and remodeling your whole bathroom that much easier, as you’re sure to find something that works.

Why settle for a new shower that makes your bathroom dull when you can find a product that stands out, bringing the whole bathroom design together? Not many homeowners want to or can show off their showers, but you can when you purchase a new Onyx shower.

4. We’re Always Honest With Our Customers

Besides our honesty when it comes to pricing and financing, we’re also committed to full transparency and honesty when it comes to products and installation. We know that many other shower remodeling companies rely on customer ignorance to upsell or sell products they don’t need.

We are completely against this type of sleazy sale tactic at Eight Hour Shower. In addition to our customers being smart and seeing through the smoke and mirrors, it would weigh on our souls if we were to lie or even lie by omission.

An informed customer is the best kind, so we are bent on sharing as much information as possible and including our customers in the whole shower remodeling process. A successful company only works if all parties are informed.

5. We’re Fast AND Efficient!

Some shower remodelers drag their feet, taking their sweet time to complete their projects. At Eight Hour Shower, we named ourselves ‘Eight Hour Shower’ for a reason – we work fast. Our experts can install most of our showers in less than a day!

We know you have more important things to do with your time, and we completely respect it, showing up when we say we will and giving you an accurate time estimate for completion. It’s not like we’re rushing against the clock, either.

We’ve mastered the shower installation process, knowing exactly what to spend time on and how to gauge our work time thoughtfully and efficiently. It is possible to perform a highly skilled installation within a short time – we’ve proven it!

Choose A Proven Chesterfield, MO Company
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Our Chesterfield, MO, customer satisfaction is our top priority at Eight Hour Shower. If we don’t have our customer’s trust, we have nothing. Fortunately for us, our customers seem to like us.

With our premium products, efficient expert installation, and outstanding communication throughout the process, you’ll surely get the best shower remodeling experience. We give our customers a 100% accurate quote that we never go back on!

Contact us today for a free shower remodeling consultation!