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Meticulous Shower & Tub Installations For Your East St. Louis Home

Remodel Your Shower Or Tub, Or Give Your Bathroom
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Despite sharing part of its name with St. Louis, Missouri, East St. Louis is located across the Mississippi River, in Illinois. East St. Louis is home to the Gateway Geyser — a fountain that shoots water 630 ft into the air, making it the tallest fountain in the United States.

It’s tough to find a bathroom remodeler that doesn’t cut corners, uses the BEST materials, and can do more than just install a shower or tub. Eight Hour Shower does all that, plus more.

If your shower has seen better days, or your entire bathroom needs a facelift, give us a call. We’re punctual to a fault, we can install your shower in as little as ONE DAY, and we screen every single one of our employees.

The East St. Louis Bathroom Remodeler That You Can RELY ON

Did you know that only half of standard ‘silicone’ caulk is actually made of silicone? The remodeling industry is full of loopholes like this one. That’s why we’re obsessed with ACCURACY and NOT CUTTING CORNERS. Our silicone is 100% silicone. Our workers are 100% trustworthy. Our materials are 100% durable. And our quotes are 100% transparent.

East St. Louis Homeowners — Is Your Bathroom Remodeler The Perfect Fit For You? Ask These 5 Questions To Find Out

How can I find out what your previous customers have to say?
Scroll through hundreds of rave reviews our customers left us, and read in-depth case studies here.

Do you only do shower and tub installations?
We’re not limited to showers and bathtubs. We can remodel ANYTHING in your bathroom — walls, floors, vanity etc.

How long will it take to remodel my shower?
We’re called Eight Hour Shower because we can install your shower or tub in as little as ONE DAY.

How do your prices compare with the competition?
On average, our prices are LOWER than the competition (and our materials are HIGHER quality!)

What materials do you use for your shower and bath systems?
After testing all kinds of shower and bath materials, we discovered that Onyx is the sturdiest material for bath and shower systems.

Why Eight Hour Shower

  • Efficient Installation: Shower and bathtub installations in as little as ONE DAY
  • Highest Quality Products: Materials that are 400% THICKER than the competition
  • Guaranteed For Life: No questions asked, LIFETIME warranty

Bathroom Remodeling Services In St. Louis

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Eight Hour Shower provides top notch bathroom remodeling services to the East St. Louis area and beyond.

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