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5 Reasons To Use Our Company For Your East St. Louis, MO, Bathtub Remodel

Eight Hour Shower Gives You A Stress-Free Bathroom Remodeling Process

Competition is steep when it comes to bathroom remodelers in East St. Louis, MO. Many contractors promise fantastic results and make big pledges toward customer service – but when it comes down to it, very few have any proof to back up their claims.

At Eight Hour Shower, we’re fully committed to delivering stellar results you’ll be raving to your friends about. From our incredibly strong products to our clear and respectful customer communications, we ACTUALLY produce the best results and have the ratings and reviews to show for it.

When considering a bathtub remodel, here are five reasons you should choose a company that goes above and beyond, ensuring complete satisfaction.

1. Our Bathtub Products Are The Strongest

Quality is a word thrown around in the bathtub remodeling industry, but what does it really mean? For us, it means dependability, reliability, beauty, and long-lasting full function. With our competitors, finding a bathtub product with all these qualifications is hard.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place because at Eight Hour Shower, we offer the most dependable, reliable, beautiful, and longest-lasting bathtub products, giving you years of relaxation, comfort, and full use. It took a lot of research and trial and error, but we feel fully confident in our products of choice – Onyx tubs.

Onyx tubs are 400x thicker than standard acrylic bathtubs, giving you maximum performance and peace of mind in a built-to-last product. You won’t be looking for a replacement in a few years with Onyx products – instead, you’ll be easing into your bubble bath with total assurance.

2. We Never Cut Corners

Many of our competitors try to save a buck by cutting corners in areas they think no one will notice. Though some customers might not see the difference immediately, as months and years pass, those cut corners become pretty evident when products fail prematurely.

Not only might your tub fail to function fully, but you’ll probably find unwanted moisture build-up and mold growth. When things like this start, chances are your bathtub remodeling contractor used cheaper, inferior installation products.

A simple thing like caulking might not even register at first — but the quality of your caulking makes a huge difference in maintaining dry walls, installation integrity, and keeping mold at bay. This is why we always use 100% silicone caulking, the only caulking that should ever be used in bathtub remodeling.

3. Our Tubs And Labor Come With A Lifetime Warranty

Not only will you find complete satisfaction with our tubs and installations, but you’ll also find great comfort knowing a lifetime warranty covers your new products and our labor. Few other bathtub remodelers can offer a warranty like this simply because they know their products and workmanship are prone to failure.

We use straightforward and easy-to-understand language in our lifetime warranties because we have nothing to hide. It’s simple – we fully stand behind our products and labor. When you believe in your work as much as we do, there’s no need to confuse our customers or use jumbled language to mislead them.

The bonus is, it’s likely you’ll never have to experience how easily our warranties work because we can’t remember the last time a customer had to file a claim. That’s how good our products and installations are.

4. The Most Thorough Installations

As we said, you won’t have to test our warranty because our installations are just that good. We go beyond the bare minimum installation requirements, ensuring your new tub fits securely to a T. Besides our 100% silicone caulking, we pay attention to every detail during the process, giving you complete security and years of unmatched confidence.

One of the ways we ensure the finest installations is by coming into your home fully prepared. We know precisely where your tub will go and where our experts will install your accessories. We leave no room for error, measuring everything at least three times.

Some may call this “going overboard,” but we must give our customers the full service they’ve hired us to complete. It’s the same reason our installation checklists are as long as they are – they cover every single part of the process, letting us walk away sure of our work.

5. Truly Unbeatable Prices

After noticing how other contractors and big box stores operate (selling second-rate products for top dollar), we figured out a way to do the opposite. We grew tired of watching homeowners get fooled into thinking they were investing in quality when they were being taken advantage of by poorly run companies.

To combat this unfortunate standard in our industry, we investigated every part of our company, finding every way to run more efficiently and eliminate unnecessary spending. This way, as some other companies do, we weren’t ever passing our ignorance onto our customers.

Once we solidified our business structure, we found the product that offers the most value to our customer: Onyx. Today, we can proudly say our prices are unbeatable – 33% less than our competitors. Not only will you spend less with us, but you’ll get more in return.

Get More For Your Money With Our East St. Louis, MO, Bathtub Remodeling Company

Our East St. Louis, MO, customers might think this all sounds too good to be true, but we promise it’s not! Plus, if superior products and installations for less money weren’t enough, our bathtub installations are typically done in as little as one day, meaning you won’t be out of a bathroom for long!

At Eight Hour Shower, we’re committed to giving you incredible value and striving to make your busy life as stress-free as possible. Convenience, communication, and customer respect are high on our priority lists, ensuring you get a five-star experience!

Contact us today or call us at 317-973-7770 for a free bathtub remodeling consultation!