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5 Ways Our East St. Louis, MO, Full Bathroom Remodels Are Better Than The Competition

At Eight Hour Shower, We’re Taking Bathroom Remodeling Up A Notch

For years, we’ve watched East St. Louis, MO, homeowners get taken advantage of by greedy and unreliable bathroom contractors. Either the contractor’s work is shoddy, or they leave projects half-finished. Unfortunately, empty promises seem to be a common theme in the remodeling industry.

However, it doesn’t HAVE to be this way! At Eight Hour Shower, we’ve learned from others’ mistakes and have confidently perfected the art of the bathroom remodeling process. Our full bathroom remodels deliver each and every time, ensuring total customer satisfaction, long-lasting results, and, more importantly, restoration of trust.

From our quality products to customer care, we’re changing how bathroom remodeling is done – we hope other companies can keep up! Here are 5 ways we step up to the challenge.

1. Our Bathtubs And Showers Are High-Quality

Some other bathroom remodelers say they offer quality, but when tested, these products fall short by cracking and leaking over time. After spending top dollar, product failure leaves many homeowners understandingly frustrated.

When you use our bathtubs and showers, you’re guaranteed durability, strength, and long-lasting dependability. At Eight Hour Shower, we understand that our tubs and showers get put through the wringer with daily use. When you use a product every day, it better be able to withstand the rigors of wear and tear.

This is why we offer our customers Onyx bathroom products. Not only do Onyx products look great, but they’re 400x thicker than standard acrylic products, ensuring they are products you can trust.

2. Thorough And Detailed Installations

Our bathroom installations push the envelope when it comes to standards in our industry – we settle for nothing less than perfection. This means we use a long checklist for each project, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

We know details matter when it comes to bathroom installations, and we always double and triple-check them all. One of the best ways to ensure an excellent installation is proper preparation, so that’s what we do – we come prepared.

We know exact measurements and placements before we even start your installation process. Preparing saves everyone time and money and ensures a smooth and efficient installation process.

3. Unbeatable Prices

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, many customers don’t know they’re paying for a contractor’s dysfunction. For example, some companies run inefficient finance departments, leaking money through the cracks. In turn, they raise their prices to make up for their deficiencies and overcharge their customers for projects.

To avoid this common business practice, we analyzed all areas of our company, finding ways to work smarter and not harder. Running a smart business allows us to run smoother but also to save our customers money.

As a company invested in helping our customers save as much money as possible, we feel great saying our prices are 33% lower than our competitors. This makes our prices truly unbeatable!

4. Our Products Are Guaranteed For Life

Many of our competitors scoff at the fact we can offer a lifetime warranty, but they’re just jealous. When you feel as confident in our products and work as we do, you can offer a lifetime warranty.

Our warranties may look a little strange, too, because they’re written clearly and concisely. We have nothing to hide, so we don’t need to confuse our customers with jumbled, messy language. Our airtight warranties are straightforward and to the point!

5. Core Values Guide Us

Our core values might be the most significant difference between our company and other remodeling companies. As you might have noticed, it’s hard to find a contractor who works morally, or even reliably for the matter.

You’ll never have to worry about honesty or trust when you work with Eight Hour Shower. After all, you can’t help but be honest when you’re guided by core values like we are. These values include integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect.

Simply put, we treat you like we want to be treated. We stand by our 100% accurate quotes, never going back on our word. We show up when we say we will and always treat our customers with respect and kindness because that’s what they deserve.

Get The Best Results And Best Service With Our East St. Louis, MO, Full Bathroom Remodeling Company

At Eight Hour Shower, we’re revamping the bathroom remodeling industry, showing other East St. Louis, MO, companies how it should be done. Our premium products and expert installations stand on their own, but it’s our impeccable customer care that really pushes us ahead of the competition.

We care about our customers’ experiences, clearly communicating throughout each project and listening to their concerns. Your full bathroom remodel should be exactly how you imagined, plus more, and we ensure that happens!

Contact us today or call us at 317-973-7770 for a free full bathroom remodeling consultation!