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Bathtub Remodeling In Fenton, MO, Done The
Way It Should Be Done

A Bathroom Remodeling Company That Delivers Great
Installations And Superior Customer Care

At Eight Hour Shower, we know it’s challenging to find contractors in Fenton, MO, that deliver on their promises. They talk a big game, but they have little to show for it in terms of results. We’re changing the bathroom renovation process, starting with our outstanding bathtub remodels.

Unlike other contractors that cut corners and offer inferior products prone to failure, we only provide our customers with the best products. Our detailed installations combined with our products give you long-lasting durability you can count on for years. Our focus on customer service sets us apart from the “other guys.”

Finding a trusted bathtub remodeling company just got a whole lot easier! Here’s why Eight Hour Shower reigns supreme in Fenton, MO.

Our Products Stand The Test Of Time

Some other bathroom remodelers find it okay to sell their customers products they know will chip, crack, or break down. They believe if they can offer the cheapest price, customers will bite. However, we know baiting homeowners with tales of sparkly remodels at the lowest prices doesn’t go far.

We never try to undermine the intelligence of our customers at Eight Hour Shower – this is why we bring you the most durable and dependable products on the market. Our Onyx products are 400x thicker than other acrylic tubs, giving you long-lasting reliability and unparalleled value for your money.

We wouldn’t feel right selling you anything less. We’re so confident in our bathtub products that we offer you a lifetime warranty on them. Our warranties have no fine print or hidden exemptions – they’re straightforward and honest because we have nothing to hide.

Our Bathtub Installations Are Thorough

A new bathtub is only as good as its installation, which is why our installations go above and beyond. Our installations follow a strict checklist from beginning to end, ensuring nothing goes unattended.

So, why are our checklists so thorough?

We value your time, which is why we want to get your installations done correctly – the first time. No one wants to have to call their remodeling company to come back days after they were just there. Doing an installation right the first time saves you time, money, and unneeded stress.

Additionally, our installations give you peace of mind knowing you made a wise investment in your quality of life and future. When bathtub installations are done right, you’re guaranteed years of successful use and quality relaxation, which in our opinion are priceless.

We Clearly Communicate

When it comes to remodeling companies, clear communication is almost unheard of – a communicative contractor seems like an oxymoron. At Eight Hour Shower, we strongly emphasize clear communication because we understand the value of a company and their customer being on the same page.

When you call, we pick up. It’s that simple, and if we don’t know the answer to your question right away, we find someone who does. You won’t be leaving endless unreturned messages when working with us, allowing you to get back to the things that matter in your life. You have nothing to hide from your customers when you work as honestly as we do.

Plus, when you speak, we listen. We want to hear what you say to ensure we give you exactly what you want. Instead of pushing our own opinions on you, we take the time to honor yours, only offering helpful feedback when wanted.

We Offer Unbeatable Prices

Many of our customers don’t understand how this is possible when first working with us, but it becomes evident after they see our level of competency and company efficiency. Simply put, we can offer unbeatable prices because we don’t transfer company incompetence onto our customers.

We’ve figured out how to run a smooth and effective business without draining money. In turn, this allows us to give our customers what they’re actually paying for – quality products and superior service. Other companies pass their internal monetary leaks to their unknowing customers by raising prices.

At Eight Hour Shower, we’ve mended the leaks in our operations, so we can offer our customers unmatched prices – 33% lower than our competitors. This 33% savings is tremendous and can make a gigantic difference in your family’s lives.

Core Values Guide Our Actions

Some people wonder how it’s possible to run an ethical company today, but we’ve figured out the trick. By establishing core values, we’ve provided ourselves with a strong foundation on which we can always fall back. Our core values guide us in all our customer dealings and business practices.

We look for integrity in all our hirings, ensuring our employees represent our same principles. This means they must show compassion for every one of our customers, giving them the empathy and attention they deserve. Communication is vital in maintaining an honest connection with our customers.

You can rest assured because we hold ourselves to the highest accountability, meaning if any mistakes occur, we take full responsibility and make it right again. You’ll get nothing but respect from us throughout your project, including respect for your time, money, and space.

Try A New Way Of Bathtub Remodeling With Our
Fenton, MO, Company

From the moment you call us till after our final walk-through, it’ll be obvious that you’re dealing with a different kind of bathtub remodeling company in Fenton, MO. Besides our quality products and meticulous installations, your bathtub can be installed in as little as eight hours, letting you return to your daily life.

Designed to give you the best in functionality and beauty, our remodels give you a difference you can see and feel. We started Eight Hour Shower because we wanted to be the change in the industry, and with our sturdy products, affordable rates, and time-efficient installations, we believe we’ve done just that.

Contact us today or call us (317) 973–7770 for a free bathtub remodeling consultation!