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Reasons To Use Our Fenton, MO, Full
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Eight Hour Shower Brings You Affordable And Quality
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One of the main reasons we started Eight Hour Shower was because there wasn’t another company in Fenton, MO, that did full bathroom remodels. Contractors either remodeled bathtubs or showers, but no one did the whole bathroom. As homeowners, we understand how frustrating it is to hire multiple companies for the same project.

So we created a remodeling company that remodeled the entire bathroom, from showers and tubs to floors and vanities. Eight Hour Shower is a one-stop shop, saving you time, money, and stress. All our bathroom products are premium, giving you long-lasting reliability.

Plus, we never cut corners during our installations – we check everything! If that wasn’t enough, we’re also wholly committed to customer satisfaction because we’re not happy until you are. Here are more reasons why our company stands apart from our competitors.

We Only Offer Premium Products

Who wants to spend thousands of dollars on a bathroom remodel only to see their new products chip, warp, or crack a year later? We know our Fenton, MO, customers don’t – so we only offer products we feel entirely confident in.

After testing various bathtub and shower products, we finally settled on one that meets our high standards. Not only does it meet our standards, but we’re actually excited to bring you Onyx products. Onyx products are 400x thicker than the average acrylic, meaning you can depend on your new shower or bath.

Along with our solid and reliable products, we only use the best materials when installing your new shower or tub. Other companies try to get away with using sub-par caulking – we use 100% silicone caulking because it’s proven to withstand extreme temperatures, resist moisture, and repel mold, keeping your bathroom clean and safe.

Installations You Can Count On

When it comes to our installations, we think of everything. Some people even believe our checklists go overboard, but we know details make all the difference. If one small thing is left unnoticed, it can compromise the integrity of the whole remodel.

We remove any room for error by checking everything. This doesn’t start the day of your installation either – we arrive at your home prepared because we value your time. This means we know your exact measurements, ensuring everything is cut precisely and built correctly for your remodel.

We know precisely where your grab bars and other accessories will go, having considered all the practicalities of your remodel in advance. Not only do we complete our installations the right way, but they’re done right the first time, meaning you won’t need to call us back to your home to fix things we forgot.

Lifetime Warranties

Not many other bathroom contractors can offer lifetime warranties on their products or their work. After all, if their products are prone to break and malfunction quickly, they’d undoubtedly lose a lot of money on replacement costs.

Not us! We’re so confident in our products that we proudly offer lifetime warranties. Plus, our warranties are easy to understand and straightforward, leaving out the jumbled confusing words of questionable warranties. Some companies bank on customers not reading the fine print, but we have nothing to hide at Eight Hour Shower.

The terms of our warranties are simple and honest, giving you peace of mind in your investment. Unfortunately, you won’t need to find out because our products stand the test of time, giving you years of use.

Prices You Can Afford

We’ve watched as ill-informed homeowners make expensive remodeling purchases only to have those purchases fail to live up to their promises. This is why we’ve made it our quest to offer premium products at unbeatable prices. You deserve the best value for your money.

To do this, we thoroughly examined our business structure and internal practices, tightening any gaps that expenses may be leaking through. Other companies tend to run their business inefficiently – needlessly bleeding money and making the customer pay for the discrepancies.

By running our business smartly and efficiently, we can offer our customers prices 33% lower than our competitors. For example, other companies may offer low financing, but they can only do this by hiking up their prices. We run our financing department differently, ensuring you’re never paying for things you’re not getting.

We Operate With Core Values

It may seem impossible to run an ethical company today, but we show that it can be done. To do this, we established core values, ensuring we’re always guided but integral beliefs. Our core values keep us grounded and form the foundation of what Eight Hour Shower stands for.

We ensure all of our new hires and employees have core integrity, consistently representing the same values as our company. In turn, our employees have strong compassion for our customers, listening to your concerns and giving you exactly what you want.

Communication is critical in keeping a project running as smoothly as possible, and you better believe we hold ourselves to the highest accountability. If any mistakes occur, we take full responsibility and fix them immediately. You’ll find nothing but respect during your interactions with us because we care about your time, money, and space.

This Fenton, MO, Company Gives You Maximum Value In
Full Bathroom Remodeling

As you can see, we do a lot of things differently at Eight Hour Shower because we firmly believe that’s what our Fenton, MO, customers deserve. If our premium products, detailed installations, and unheard-of customer concern weren’t enough to convince you, our quick installations will likely do the trick.

You won’t be sacrificing quality for time efficiency either – we’re just that good. Our installers are at the top of their craft, working effectively to get you back to everyday life as soon as possible. If you’re concerned with the financial side, we work with you, giving you excellent financing options.

At Eight Hour Shower, we want all our valued customers to experience the luxury and comfort of a beautiful full-bathroom remodel.

Contact us today or call us 317-973-7770 for a free full-bathroom remodeling consultation!