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Upgrade Your Fenton, MO, Bathroom With
New Shower Doors

Eight Hour Shower Gives You Premium Products
And Outstanding Installations

Whether you’re remodeling your whole bathroom or just making a partial change, finding the right Fenton, MO, company to work with can be a shot in the dark. Contractors are notorious for taking advantage of unsuspecting customers – they’re pros at upselling, using high-pressure sales techniques, and installing cheap, flimsy products.

At Eight Hour Shower, we do things completely opposite – we never use high-pressure sales techniques. We give you accurate quotes and stand by our word. Best of all, our high-quality products are made of the strongest materials on the market, and we install them to perfection.

Installing a new shower door or replacing an old one should be an exciting process and a wise investment. Use a trusted company that knows what they’re doing and will always treat you with the respect you deserve.

Our Quality Products Are Expertly Installed

You don’t need to do a full bathroom remodel to experience our high-quality products and the attention to detail we put into all our installations. Unlike some competitors, we only use 100% silicone caulk in our bathroom installations because we know it’s the only kind that can stand the test of time.

Some other bathroom remodelers try to get away with using cheaper caulking with the assumption their customers won’t know the difference – but we do. 100% silicone caulking is moisture resistant, mold repellent, and very durable. It’s made to withstand extreme temperatures, and it forms an extremely tight seal ensuring long-term durability.

When installing shower doors with Eight Hour Shower, you’re ensuring a meticulous, detailed process. Our installation checklists are long for a reason – we ensure your installation is done thoroughly, letting nothing fall through the cracks. Plus, we do them right the first time!

Clear Communication Is Key

While some other companies give you the runaround or pass you off to other employees, we always answer your call at Eight Hour Shower and ensure you get an answer as quickly as possible. You won’t be talking to any robots when you call us because our clients deserve only the best customer service.

We’re grateful you chose us to complete your bathroom project, and we show you by listening to all your cares and concerns. This is your bathroom, and we want to make it exactly how you want it. Your cares are our cares, and we’re not happy until you are 100% satisfied.

You can also rest assured knowing you won’t have to keep up with us the whole time. Instead of constantly checking on our progress, we’ll keep you updated the entire time, whether there’s news or not. You’ll stay up to date throughout your project with our commitment to clear communication.

An Airtight Warranty With No Breathing Room

Many other contractors say they offer warranties with their products and work, but once you read over the fine print, you’re more confused than ever. Some companies think they can get away with jumbled jargon and technical language to fool their customers into thinking they’re getting a great warranty.

They do this because they know their products are prone to failure and can’t back up their workmanship. With no quality control, there’s no way they can ensure their work. They’d be throwing money out the window in replacement costs if they offered solid warranties.

We don’t need to fool our customers at Eight Hour Shower because we have nothing to hide. Our lifetime warranty is clear and concise, giving you the information you need without any of the confusing fluff. We can offer a fantastic warranty because we believe in our products and workmanship.

Our Prices Are Unbeatable

After examining how big box stores and corporate remodeling companies can sell inferior products at top dollar, we’ve found a way to turn the tables. We offer amazingly reliable products at 33% lower costs than our competitors.

How did we do this? Customers often don’t know they’re paying the cost of poor business strategy, not the cost of the actual product or labor they’re getting. We found all the areas where money typically leaks out of a company, and then we sealed those leaks, and, in turn, we started passing those savings onto our customers.

For example, poorly run finance departments needlessly drain companies of up to 12% of their gross profit. Though initially, low financing might sound like a great option, customers don’t know the prices are hiked up to compensate for those low financing options. We use a different financing platform to avoid these common issues, giving you unbeatable prices.

Experience Quick And Affordable Shower Door Installation
From Our Fenton, MO, Bathroom Remodeling Company

As you can see, we do many things differently at Eight Hour Shower to bring Fenton, MO, homeowners incredible remodels and installations. From our durable products to solid warranties, we’re dedicated to changing industry standards. Our customers deserve the best, and that’s what they get.

A strong foundation of core values helps guide us, ensuring you get undeniable care and incredible results. Using integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect, we can bring our customers service like none other. Experience our quick, quality, and affordable shower door installations for yourself!

Contact us today or call us 317-973-7770 for a free shower door consultation!