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5 Ways We Do Bathroom Remodeling
Different In Grand Rapids, MI

Find A Better Bathroom Remodeling Experience
With Eight Hour Shower

Many Grand Rapids, MI bathroom remodeling contractors are stuck in their old ways, using outdated products and ineffective installation processes. This often leads to a poor experience and disgruntled customers.

At Eight Hour Shower, we see things a bit differently, which is why our company works hard to improve upon lackluster industry standards. Our customers deserve better, and that’s what we give them – beautiful results and a positive overall experience.

Here are 5 ways we do things differently in our bathroom remodeling process.

1. We Only Use Products We Trust

Some bathroom contractors use unproven and untrustworthy products in an attempt to charge less for their services. However, our customers deserve only the best products, and that’s what we give them.

After testing dozens of materials and products, we found the perfect fit for our Grand Rapids, MI customers – Onyx. This material is strong and durable and 400x thicker than acrylic – a common material used in most showers and bathtubs.

This makes our bathtubs and showers the longest-lasting and finest quality products around. They’re built to last, giving you years of dependability and beauty.

If that wasn’t enough, we always use silicone caulk when installing our products. This is a crucial step in our process because 100% silicone is moisture and mold-resistant, withstands extreme temperatures, and forms an airtight seal. All of these benefits work together to protect your premium bathroom products.

2. Our Variety Of Service Options

While other companies may only do complete bathroom remodels, we offer various options for our services. Not only do we offer full bathroom remodels, but we also do shower or bathtub replacements, bathtub-to-shower conversions, and shower door replacements. 

If a full bathroom remodel is not in the budget or unnecessary, there are a variety of ways to freshen up your bathroom. With our ample opportunities, you’ll undoubtedly find something that suits your needs or wants.

All our projects are cared for and attended to the same, so no matter what service you want, it’ll get treated with the same time and attention it deserves.

3. Our Installations Are Fast And Done Right

Don’t confuse a quick installation with a lack of detail. Our installations are fast, but we still manage to do them correctly. This is where our professional installers outshine the competition. 

Expertly trained, our installers have perfected the art of working quickly and efficiently without anything falling through the cracks.

Most of our projects can be completed in one day, allowing you to get back to normal in just hours. Without having to manage days or weeks of contractors coming and going, you’ll be free to enjoy your new bathroom within a matter of hours.

Some people think our installers are wizards with their time efficiency and expert knowledge, but they’re just people who care about what they do.

4. Our Core Values Create Our Foundation

At Eight Hour Shower, we believe every business should be run using core values, but unfortunately most are not. A bathroom remodeling company won’t last long or build a strong reputation without working within core values.

In order to set our company up for success, we established our five core values – integrity, compassion, communication, accountability, and respect. These aren’t just five nice-sounding words to us either – we actually practice these values.

Every part of our business adheres to these values, guiding us in our dealings and never allowing us to lose our way. With a strong foundation, we can share these values with our customers and clients, and it shows on their happy faces.

5. Communication Is Golden

At Eight Hour Shower, we firmly believe in a clear line of communication. This goes both ways – we need to hear your thoughts and want you to hear ours. We always pick up the phone when you call within our business hours. 

Plus, you won’t just get handed off to the next person. Your questions and concerns are important to us, and our employees will do everything they can to get you a satisfying answer. Also, during all the steps of your project, we listen to you, ensuring you get exactly what you want. Clear communication helps prevent any misunderstandings or mistakes before they even occur.

Our customers stay in the loop the whole time, whether there are updates or not, because we want them to know they’re respected and cared for.

Try A New Way Of Bathroom Remodeling With Our
Grand Rapids, MI Company

With our high-quality products, professional installation, and strong business ethics, we’re doing everything we can to take Grand Rapids, MI bathroom remodeling in a new direction. Homeowners deserve the best, and that’s exactly what we plan on giving them – every time.

Whether you’re in the market for a full bathroom remodel or just a shower door replacement, we’re here to answer any of your questions. A bathroom refresh goes a long way!

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