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Is Your Shower Door On Its Last Leg? Get It Replaced
In Just A Day With Eight Hour Shower

Are you terrified that your shower door is going to fall off every time you use it? It might just be time to replace that decrepit old thing. You can really improve the overall appearance of your Indianapolis home’s bathroom with a sleek new shower door installed by a professional bathroom remodeling company that specializes in shower door replacements.

Here at Eight Hour Shower, we can have your project completed in as little as eight hours, providing you with a stress-free, in-and-out remodel experience that you’ll remember forever because it was so great.

Why Choose Eight-Hour Shower

Many companies claim to have core values to give the impression that they care about more than just their profits. At the end of the day, when they’re pressed about it, they can’t even tell you what those values are.

At Eight Hour Shower, our employees not only know our core values by heart but also uphold them every day they come to work.


When we hire new employees, we screen them for signs of dishonesty because integrity is inherent and cannot be taught. We are firm believers in meaning what we say, and we do not do anything that is even slightly underhanded.


Any company can offer you excellent products and stellar rates, but if they don’t have true compassion for their customers as people, then what they’re offering doesn’t really add up to anything. We care for every single one of our customers and are enthusiastic about helping them realize their dream for their bathroom projects.


Many big-name companies don’t offer good communication to their customers, leaving them in the dark about decisions and progress related to their remodeling projects. We know that this just doesn’t work, so we keep all of our customers in the loop all the time. We’re also available to field questions or concerns.


Every single one of our employees understands the concept of accountability. If something goes wrong on a project, we fix it immediately with no questions asked, no finger-pointing, no blaming someone else, and no excuses. We take ownership when we mess up.


You have a life, you work hard for your money, your home is important to you, and we respect all of that. We will never inconvenience you by being late, our quotes will always be spot on, and you’ll never find a mess when we’re done working.

No One Can Beat Our Prices

A lot of companies say things that they can’t back up, but we’re different. When we tell you that no one can beat our prices, we mean it.

We did a lot of research to come up with the best products available to provide for our customers, and then we did some number crunching to make it work out so that we could offer the best deal possible.

What happened? We are now able to offer the industry’s best products at 33% lower costs than the competitors who offer inferior quality products.

In addition, many companies say they have extremely low financing rates, but did you know this often comes at a hidden price? Sure their rates are lower, but their finance companies are tearing up their profits in exchange for those numbers. To recoup their profits, the remodeling companies have to jack their prices up, so their customers end up paying more in the end.

At Eight Hour Shower, we use an app called Heart Financing. Since it does not consume our profits, we can offer affordable financing without raising the cost of services.

The Eight Hour Shower Story

When we started our company, we saw a lot of things that were just plain wrong with this industry, and we knew we needed to make a huge difference for our customers.

Homeowners would remodel their tub or shower and it would break down relatively quickly, leaving them out thousands of dollars. We found the industry’s best product, the Onyx brand, and began to offer it to our customers at reasonable rates. Not only do they get a great deal, but their product will last for a very long time.

Strangely, we found very few remodel companies in Indianapolis that offered complete bathroom remodels. Their customers were forced to find a separate contractor for the floors, plumbing, and construction. At Eight Hour Shower, if it’s in your bathroom, we can remodel it, from changing your shower doors to completing a full bathroom remodel.

We also found that remodel projects were taking forever, which is not something any customer ever wants to deal with. So we schedule our projects to take a short amount of time, and we stick to that schedule with no exceptions.

Do You Want A New Shower Door? Let The Bathroom Experts Handle The Job

Do mold and mildew seem to flock to your shower door? Or does your door shake violently every time you move it? It’s time to call the best shower door replacement company in Indianapolis to have it swapped out for a new and improved model.

At Eight Hour Shower, we can help you find the best shower door to improve the overall look of your shower. You’ll go from dingy and janky to smooth and sleek in less than a day.

Call us at (317) 973-7770 or contact us for your free consultation. 

We service all of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.