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There are a lot of remodeling companies to choose from for your Westfield, IN, bathroom project. Some are dependable and deliver adequate results, while some leave their customers disappointed and less than enthused – and then there’s us.

At Eight Hour Shower, we’re fully committed to giving our customers the best of all worlds – products, installations, and customer service. We’ve seen how other contractors work, and we don’t like it. Instead of offering inferior products for top dollar, we offer the best products at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, we run our company ethically, always treating our customers with the dignity and respect they deserve. Learn more about our services and how we stand apart from our competitors.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

While some other contractors only install showers and baths, working only in the wet area, we do it all at Eight Hour Shower. From your smallest project to full bathroom remodels, we’re here to give you precisely what you want.

Full Bathroom Remodel

Our full remodeling service lets you design and create the perfect bathroom for you and your family. We’re more than happy to redesign your layout, making it more accessible and convenient. We’ll even remove walls, rework plumbing to move your toilet from one end to the other, and rip out your old floors.

Shower Remodeling

Our impeccable shower remodeling allows you to choose from 30 colors, letting you create a cohesive bathroom experience. Plus, our wall surrounds are done right, letting your surround breathe properly at the seams, yet protecting your walls from moisture and mold.

Bathtub Remodeling

Like our showers, our bathtub products are built to last and maintain their beauty through years of wear and tear. We use Onyx products because they’re the best and 400x thicker than acrylic, giving you maximum solidity and support.

Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Many Westfield, IN, homeowners let their tubs sit idle for years in their bathrooms. Why not turn this valuable real estate into a functional and beautiful shower experience? Turn your unused bathtub into a relaxing shower spa oasis in as little as one day with our tub-to-shower conversions.

Shower Doors

Whether you want to install a shower door for the first time or replace the old, deteriorating door you already have, our shower door installations are the ticket. They’re available in several colors, sizes, and designs, ensuring you get one that completely works for you.

Our Expert Installations Are Done Right The First Time

At Eight Hour Shower, we’re not just committed to bringing you the best products; we also give you the most detailed and thorough installations. Incredible products don’t mean much if they aren’t installed properly. While many of our competitors rush through their jobs, cutting corners at the homeowner’s expense, our skilled employees take the time to do it right.

We’ve compiled a very long checklist to ensure we don’t forget anything. We want to get it right the first time so you won’t have to see us again. Installations done correctly the first time ensure long-lasting results with products that will withstand the test of time.

Clear Communication Is Key

Communication is everything to us. We’ve seen what happens when misunderstandings and miscommunications occur, which isn’t pretty. We keep our customers updated throughout their projects to avoid falling prey to this common remodeling failure. Sometimes this means we deliver new news, and sometimes we’re just checking in.

We want our customers to know we’re always thinking of them, and their projects are at the top of our agendas. But communication isn’t always about talking to you – we also listen because active listening ensures you get the bathroom you desire.

When you talk, we listen and make detailed notes to ensure we’re both on the same page. This is your dream bathroom, and we want to deliver it perfectly!

Our Prices Are Unbeatable

After studying how big-box stores offer their customers inferior products at top dollar, we figured out how to do things opposite at Eight Hour Shower. Instead of overcharging unsuspecting customers, we found the best quality products and learned how to sell them at unbeatable prices.

To do this, we researched ways to run our company smarter, so money wouldn’t leak out of the cracks. Most customers are unaware that they end up paying for the misguided efforts of remodeling companies. For instance, they may offer low-interest financing but raise prices to compensate for their loss.

We use a different financing program to ensure you’re never getting charged more to make up the difference. Because of this new remodeling approach, we offer prices 33% lower than our competitors!

Find Affordable And Dependable Westfield, IN, Bathroom <BR> Remodels At Eight Hour Shower

Hiring a company to do your Westfield, IN, bathroom remodel is risky – you never know what you’ll get. We put our customers at ease in their choice at Eight Hour Shower because we always deliver on our promises. Our customers always get incredible results, from top-quality products to stunning installations.

Using our core values to guide us, we’re able to offer our customers lifetime warranties, giving them even more peace of mind. Our airtight warranties don’t try to hide behind the fine print either – they’re solid and comprehensive, so you know you’re getting the best. Browse through our galleries to find inspiration today!

Contact us today or call us at (317) 973–7770 for a free bathroom remodeling consultation!