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Get A Stunning Shower

We’re The Only Indianapolis Bathroom Remodeler
That Sells AND Installs Onyx Showers

Over the years, has showering turned from a luxurious experience into a ‘get out of there as fast as you can’ experience?

Can you tell how many showers were taken just by looking at the stains and cracks on the floor and walls of your shower?

If you want to replace your shower, but you’re NOT in the mood for the time-consuming hassle and mess that typically come along with remodeling, Eight Hour Shower is exactly for YOU.

We can give you a gorgeous shower in only eight hours, with NO mess and NO stress, because we have our act together. And that’s putting it mildly.

Here’s what we mean when we say ‘we have our act together’…

Onyx VS. Standard Acrylic

If you hold up an Onyx cutout next to a standard acrylic cutout, there’s a CLEAR winner. In fact, it’s so convincing that we show this to our clients when they’re deciding which material to go with.

Onyx is in the acrylic family, but it’s a different formulation that’s much THICKER, NICER, and EASIER TO CLEAN.

At Eight Hour Shower, we didn’t decide to sell Onyx on a whim. We did our research. And we found out that our competitors were selling cheap materials for a high dollar amount. That prompted us to test out a bunch of other shower and bath systems — and Onyx won by a landslide.

It’s the BEST shower system there is.

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Higher Quality For A LOWER Price

We’re used to paying for quality. But in the remodeling world, there are a lot of other factors that can hike up the price of your shower and still leave you with a cheaply made shower system.

Here’s something you probably never thought about that makes a HUGE difference in how much you’ll be paying for your shower installation: Many companies pay 12% of their sale to financing companies. That means that in order to earn a profit, they need to hike up their prices. So when they offer you 2-year financing — no payment, no interest — it just jacks up the price of your remodeling project.

We use a financing app that doesn’t eat us out of house and home. So we can afford to give you BETTER quality showers for a LOWER price. The best of both worlds.

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THIRTY Colors To Choose From

The nice thing about Onyx is that not only is it durable, easy to clean, and affordable — it’s also available in WAY more colors than the typical shower material.

The average acrylic bathtub is available in eight colors. That might sound like a lot…but not when you compare it with 30 colors.

Being able to choose from 30 colors means that no matter what style or color scheme your bathroom is, there is a very good chance that you can match your shower to your bathroom PERFECTLY.

Whether you want to spice things up a bit, or you’re looking for a very specific shade — you’re bound to find a color you absolutely love.

Why settle for 8 color choices, when you can have 30?

The “Seamless Surround” Myth

You might’ve heard the term “seamless surround” when hunting for a good shower remodeler. It means that instead of using separate pieces of acrylic for your shower walls, the company heats up one big piece of acrylic and bends it into shape. Voila! No ugly and dirty seams where the walls meet. Sounds great, right?

Here’s why it’s actually a smooth sales tactic:

The average homeowner has NO IDEA that the MOST CRITICAL seams are where the walls meet the floor of your shower and where they meet the crown molding at the top of your shower. Those are the seams that matter, and they’re not at all included in the “seamless surround.” The seams that are included are pretty insignificant at best.

But unless you’re in the bathroom remodeling industry, there’s really no way for you to know this. That’s why this kind of advertising really works. We believe in honesty and straightforwardness, so when you ask us how something works, we’ll tell you, even if the answer is not that pretty.