Tub To Shower Conversion

Tub To Shower

From Tub To Shower
In As Little As ONE DAY

Near-Instant Bathroom Transformations
In Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas

If you can’t remember the last time you actually used your bathtub as a tub, and not to take a shower, you might want to consider swapping out your old tub for a sleek new shower.

This one simple change is FAST and HASSLE-FREE. And best of all, it transforms the look of your entire bathroom.

And of course, you no longer need to step into a tub every time you want to take a shower!

At Eight Hour Shower, we can wave our magic wand and convert your clunky tub into a glossy shower…well, not quite.

But we can turn your tub into a shower in as little as ONE DAY.

Spotless Remodeling

Dust, powder, debris, plastic wrapping — all of those things are commonplace on the remodeling scene. When you’re hard at work sawing, installing, and painting, there’s bound to be bits and pieces of junk, shavings, and powder sprinkled all over the place — unless you pay CLOSE attention to preventing that from happening.

And we do that 100% of the time.

We cut our materials OUTSIDE so that we don’t make a mess. And we clean as we go so that we don’t leave ANY debris behind as a parting gift.

When we’re finished with your installation project, you’ll need to wait until the next day for the silicone to cure, but otherwise you can hop in. If we finish your shower by Wednesday afternoon, by Thursday morning it’s shower ready.

Hiring For SUCCESS

If we had to narrow down our hiring criteria to just three essential qualities, our list would look a little unusual.

These are the TOP 3 things we screen our employees for:

  • Are they skilled at TALKING and LISTENING to people?
  • Are they KIND?
  • Do they have PERSONALITY?

Of course expertise, training, and experience are all important. But knowing what to focus on when making hiring decisions is critical.

If we see someone who won’t be nice to our customers, that’s an immediate “no.” It doesn’t matter how much experience, training, or charm they have.

Smoothe Communication

We NEVER have issues with miscommunication, misunderstandings, or ‘he said she saids’. That’s because we have MIKE. He’s our secret weapon when it comes to client communication.

Unlike the big box stores where you’re bounced from one robotic sounding person to another in an endless, frustrating loop — we only have ONE contact person — and that’s Mike. Once our customers sign the contract, the only person they communicate with is Mike.

Mike sets the schedule for the install and he’s our point man for ALL client communication from that point on. Scheduling issues or changes, customer feedback, updates…you name it. If you have something to say to us — call Mike. He works 6 days a week and is reachable all day long.

Stick around with us long enough and you’re bound to get to know Mike on a personal level.

The remodeling world would be a better place if every company had a Mike.

Read more about our clear communication.