January 10, 2023

Why Using The Right Caulk Is Important For
Your Indianapolis, IN, Bathroom Remodel

It’s Not Only The Quality Of Your Fixtures That Matters –
The Quality Of Your Caulk Is Essential Too

Most Indianapolis, IN, homeowners don’t think about the quality of their caulking when doing a bathroom remodel. Many think it’s all made the same – with the same ingredients and components –  and they consider it an afterthought.

Unfortunately, many bathroom remodeling contractors think this same thing or devalue its importance. Some others understand its significance but assume their customers don’t, so they use cheaper, inferior caulking on their remodels.

Though price doesn’t always dictate a caulking’s quality, it’s a good bet that cheaper caulking will lead to faster deterioration and quicker product failure. It’s helpful to learn the importance of caulking before embarking on your bathroom remodel. Arming yourself with knowledge will prevent you from falling victim to the issues bad caulking can cause.

What Is Caulk, And What Is It Used For?

In general, caulking is a gel or glue-type substance applied between surfaces and around piping; it is used to form a seal, block moisture, and create a bond to keep your fixtures in place. Caulking helps keep out insects, rodents, air, and other elements that can harm your bathroom.

For example, a professional installer will use caulking to seal the gaps between your shower or tub and the wall, ceiling, or floor, preventing leaks or moisture from bathroom humidity from seeping through. There are many types of caulking, each created to specialize in different areas of home improvement.

The two most common caulking types are water-based, including acrylic or latex, and solvent-based, like polyurethane, silicone, or butyl rubber. There are also hybrids of caulking used for projects that focus on two or more necessities.

What Are Common Types Of Caulk?

  • Acrylic latex caulk is a common caulk that’s used for many different home improvement projects. Some contractors use acrylic latex caulk in the bathroom without knowing any better, but this caulk does NOT hold up well in the bathroom. It’s better used against wood trims and joints in or outside areas of the house that are not exposed to moisture.
  • Acrylic or latex caulk with silicone is often used during bathroom remodels. The percentage of the silicone included will determine its ability to hold up in bathroom projects. Though it provides more water resistance and elasticity than acrylic latex, it’s not ideal for professional bathroom remodels.
  • Pure silicone provides maximum waterproofing and is ideal for caulking around bathroom fixtures. It’s also mildew resistant and perfect for projects involving wet areas. Not only will it keep your bathroom safe, healthy, and beautiful, but it will also keep your fixtures secure and in place.

What’s The Best Caulk To Use During A Bathroom Remodel?

100% silicone caulking is hands down the best caulk to use for bathroom remodeling. Many contractors try to get away with silicone hybrid caulking, as it’s cheaper, but this fails to provide their clients with total protection.

Finding a bathroom remodeler that uses 100% silicone is essential in ensuring you get the maximum life out of your bathroom fixtures. Instead of skimping on this small detail, find a contractor that values its importance. It can be the difference in installing a tub that lasts you ten years or twenty-plus.

100% silicone caulk should always be used around wet plumbing areas, like sinks, toilets, drains, and faucets. It should also be used alongside tiling in your shower or bath, preventing any mold or mildew growth from forming.

Why Is 100% Silicone Caulking So Important?

Other caulking isn’t meant to thoroughly water-seal gaps in your home, keeping them dry and secure. But 100% silicone caulking gives you the best quality in terms of keeping your bathroom in its finest condition.

Though 100% silicone caulking is more expensive than hybrids, it’s well worth the extra cost, as it’ll save you money down the line in cleaning and replacement fees. Not only will you not have to replace your fixtures as soon, but the caulk, itself, lasts much longer than hybrid caulking.

Essentially, 100% silicone caulking is crucial in preventing water damage that can quickly spread, causing massive issues and acquiring additional repair expenses.

At Eight Hour Shower, We Use 100% Silicone Caulking
To Protect Your Indianapolis Bathroom Remodel

Besides our superior products, made of materials 400x thicker than standard acrylic, we always use 100% silicone caulking during our Indianapolis, IN, bathroom remodels. We care about our work and customers at Eight Hour Shower, ensuring you get a long-lasting and top-performing bathroom.

We don’t try to get one over on our customers by using cheaper, inferior products. Instead, we show you the respect you deserve by giving you the highest quality bathroom remodel possible. We run our business using core values, ensuring you get the best remodel and receive a positive and delightful experience.

Call us at 317-973-7770 or email us to set up a free bathroom remodeling consultation today!