Indianapolis’s NUMBER ONE Financing For
Bathroom Remodeling

No Stress, No Worry — &
No Underhanded Tactics

Many companies offer amazing financing rates — too amazing. But they pay a hefty price for those rates, and the customer ends up making up for the loss of profit. It seems counterproductive, because IT IS.

We do things differently.

We use an app called Hearth Financing that doesn’t eat up our profits. Since we’re not forced to find a way to make up for this loss in profit by inflating our prices, we can give you affordable financing WITHOUT charging you more for our services. It’s a win-win situation.

Here’s How To Go About Financing Your Indianapolis Bathroom Remodel

Step 1: Contact us for a FREE estimate by clicking here

Step 2: Let us know you’re interested in finding out about financing. We’ll never tie you down to anything — you’re free to explore your options without any strings attached.

Step 3: We’ll ask you some simple questions and then present you with a few different options that fit your needs.

Step 4: Once you decide on a payment plan that suits your lifestyle and budget needs, we’ll complete all the necessary paperwork and give your bathroom remodeling project the green light!

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Please contact Hearth support@gethearth.com if you have any questions!