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Use A Company That Cares For Your Next East St. Louis, MO, Shower Door

Our Shower Doors Are Premium Quality And Installed To Perfection

Not all East St. Louis, MO, bathrooms need a complete remodel – some can benefit from simple upgrades. Whether your old shower door is outdated or damaged, sometimes a new one is just the thing you need to complete your bathroom. Maybe you’ve never had a shower door, instead relying on old-fashioned shower curtains.

Whatever the case, glass shower doors are the way of the future. They give your bathroom a clean, modern look, and they’re easy to keep sparkling and maintained. Additionally, glass doors make your bathroom look more spacious and open, giving you a haven for relaxation. 

At Eight Hour Shower, we know shower doors like the back of our hands, giving you the finest products and installations. Here’s why you should use our reputable bathroom remodeling company for your next shower door installment. 

Our Wide Variety Of Products

Shower doors are not one-size-fits-all or one-style-fits-all. We know this at Eight Hour Shower, which is why we providevarious sizes, styles, colors, and designs, ensuring you get the perfect shower door for your home.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial modern shower door or a warm contemporary style, we have it – and don’t let size be a determining factor because we have doors in many different sizes. You’ll be able to find a style that complements the rest of your bathroom and brings your home into the twenty-first century.

Showers should be a place of comfort, and with our variety of products, your shower will be beautiful and functional. Our glass doors are easy to clean without the hassle of constantly scrubbing mildew and soap scum. Plus, our shower doors are synonymous with quality, ensuring you’ll have a dependable, long-lasting product. 

Employees Are Like Family

Some shower door installation companies hire subcontractors or day laborers to complete their work as quickly as possible, but not us. We hire full-time employees who are committed and passionate about each job. We never cut corners and won’t stop until everyone is satisfied with the result.

Our employees treat every project the same, whether a full bathroom remodel or a shower door installation because we care deeply about each customer. When you employ caring and talented people as we do, their passion comes through in their work, giving your project that special touch.

We love our employees so much we give them four weeks of paid time off each year, plus an annual 5-day Caribbean cruise. Who wouldn’t want to stay at a company that treats them well?

Our Prices Are Unmatched

We know you can easily find a replacement shower door at any big box store. You may think this will even save you time and money, but the truth is, you’ll likely receive an inferior product at a higher price. Big box stores actually count on the fact that you won’t notice!

Well, we’re here to say we’ve noticed, which is why we’ve figured out a way to offer our customers quality, reliable products at affordable prices. You deserve maximum value for your investment, and we work hard to provide you with it.

After analyzing our company’s operations, we’ve found every way to work more efficiently, ensuring we never pass our financial mishandlings onto our customers. Many other contractors have to charge higher rates to unknowing customers to make up for their poor operation decisions, but not us!

We Actually Listen To Our Customers

Besides our shower doors, guess what else is clear? Our communication! When you work as an ethical and honest business, there’s no reason to confuse your customers or double back on your promises. Our communication is clear and to the point throughout your shower door installation process. 

The best part is that we listen to you instead of waiting to talk over you. As part of getting the exact shower door you want, we listen and take notes because we care about your complete satisfaction. Not many other bathroom remodeling companies can say that.

As part of our commitment to clear communication, we also pick up the phone when you call and answer any and all questions you may have. We don’t just keep passing your call onto another person – when you have knowledgeable employees like us, you don’t need to.

Core Values Are Our Foundation

Before we start any project, we remind ourselves of our core values because those are the principles that ground our company. Our core values lay the groundwork for all our business dealings, from customer interactions to manufacturer communications. 

For us, it’s hard to stray off track when you’re devoted to such strong values, and they work excellently in keeping us honest, kind, and appreciative of our customers and success.

Though we use these core values elsewhere, they aren’t just for us – they give you peace of mind in your shower door company. You set yourself up for success when you hire a company that honors respect, integrity, compassion, communication, and accountability. 

When You’re Ready To Replace Your Shower Door, Use An East St. Louis, MO, Company You Can Trust

For some East St. Louis, MO, contractors, a shower door replacement or installation is not a big deal and should not be taken seriously. We never got that memo, so we give your shower door project our full attention. At Eight Hour Shower, we appreciate and treat all our customers equally, no matter the project size.

From our premium shower door products to our detailed installations, we work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction. Not only are our shower door installations done right the first time, but most of them take less than a day to do, making your life that much easier! 

Contact us today or call us at 317-973-7770 for a free shower door consultation!